2019: Workshop on "Older Workers and New Technologies", Maastricht University

2017: Italian Association of Labour Economists, Arcavacata di Rende

2014: Fifth Workshop on “Economics of Education” University of Barcelona, Spain

2013: Conference on “Education Governance”, University of Trondheim, Norway

2013: Workshop on “Empirical Research in the Economics of Education”, Universitat Rovira i Virgili, Spain

2012: Cedefop and European Commission Conference on “Adult learning – Spotlight on investment”, Brussels, December

2012: Eurydice and European Commission Conference on “Funding of Education”, Brussels, October

2012: IWAEE Conference on “The Economics of Education”, Catanzaro

2010: Workshop “Labour Economics and the Welfare State”, Salzburg University

2008: LOWER Conference, Berlin

2008: Agora Conference, Cedefop, Thessaloniki

2007: Conference on Lifelong Learning, Danube University, Krems Austria

2005: EPUNET Conference, Essex University